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Do I Need a Fall Heating System Inspection?

Fall has come to the Raleigh area, which means colder weather will soon be on its way. Before you set your thermostat to heat, however, ask yourself: “has my heating system been inspected?” If the answer is no, it’s time to give Carolina Air Conditioning Co. a call. HVAC systems require routine maintenance, and fall is one of the most critical times for a thorough tune-up and inspection. Read on to see how an inspection before winter will benefit your home.

Save on energy bills this winter in Raleigh

When our team of expert technicians inspects heating systems, we change filters, monitor fuel levels and refuel if necessary, administer voltage tests, and assess the overall performance of your equipment. The result is a furnace or heat pump that operates efficiently, using less energy and cutting down on monthly utility bills. This allows you to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank throughout the winter.

A more comfortable home in the Raleigh area

Along with saving money, efficient furnaces perform at a higher level. This can only be achieved with routine maintenance and inspections at the most critical times of the year. When all parts of your heating equipment are functioning properly, the system can deliver warm, even temperatures throughout the household. You’ll also have better control of air-flow and humidity levels, maximizing comfort during colder months.

Increase home safety with a Carolina Air Conditioning furnace inspection

Comfort and energy savings are important, but nothing matters more than the safety of your home and family. When HVAC systems go without inspection, they become more susceptible to malfunctions that could pose a threat to in-home safety. Wiring and other electrical components that have been weathered or knocked loose can create fire hazards. Carbon monoxide, an odorless, toxic gas, can leak out of damaged equipment and cause serious health problems. The only way to ensure your heating system is safe to turn on come winter is if it has been thoroughly inspected first. A fall inspection by Carolina Air Conditioning Co. Inc will give you peace of mind knowing that you have reliable, safe, and comfortable heat all winter long. Call us or visit our schedule service page to schedule your appointment today!