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Preventative Maintenance Plan from Carolina Air Conditioning Co.

The holiday season has arrived in Raleigh and with it colder weather. As temperatures continue to drop, you’ll want to be sure your heating system is prepared to keep your home warm all winter long. Here’s why you should start your HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plan from Carolina Air Conditioning Co. today.

Preventative Maintenance increases HVAC efficiency

No one wants to be surprised when they open their utility bill, especially during the holidays. However, an inefficient furnace will continuously drive your energy costs. Our Preventative Maintenance Plan includes heating system tune-ups designed to increase efficiency. We change all 1” filters, check gas pressure, and clear drain lines on 90+% furnaces. This allows your high efficiency equipment to live up to its name, saving you money this winter.

Keep your home comfortable this winter in Raleigh, NC

Enhanced comfort is another benefit of increased efficiency. Efficient operation results in optimum performance, which means your heating system will do its job better. We inspect air ducts to make sure they’re clean and airflow is consistent. We also check your heat pump’s Emergency Heat to ensure you won’t be left in the cold if the unit freezes over. Overall, you’ll have improved temperature and humidity controls, keeping you comfortable through the holidays.

Preventative Maintenance Plan: Peace of mind from Carolina Air Conditioning Co.

The last thing anyone in Raleigh wants is to be stuck in the cold of winter with no heat. Preventative Maintenance identifies potential defects or components that need repair. With 15% off routine repairs, you reduce the risk of needing more serious repairs at the worst possible times. We also offer priority service so you won’t be stuck waiting for heating system repairs in the dead of winter.

Call Carolina Air Conditioning for your Preventative Maintenance Plan this holiday season in Raleigh, NC!