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HVAC Life Expectancy – When should I look for replacements?

You most likely haven’t thought much about your HVAC units unless you’ve experienced a freezing cold winter with your system breaking down. Like your car, HVAC units require general maintenance, repair, and eventually, replacement. You don’t wait for your car to run out of gas before you decide to refuel – you plan ahead to make sure your tank is full! Similar to your HVAC system, you don’t want to get caught in the middle of a snowstorm before you realize your heat isn’t working.

Don’t let your HVAC units turn into this!
old-heat-pumpOld HVAC Unit

Since 2013, modern gas furnaces have had to pass an 80% AFUE (annual fuel usage efficiency) rating in order to be sold. This is an improvement on the standards of gas use in HVAC heating systems. Units older than this automatically benefit from being replaced due to this efficiency standard having been implemented. This does not mean it is always economically viable to replace a unit from 2010, though. Newer furnaces and air conditioners from before 2013 can still function very smoothly – some went above and beyond the old standards. This means older units are still fine to use until you start noticing a decline in the heating and cooling performance of your system. Give us a call at Carolina AC for an analysis of your unit to see how it stacks up to the new models. Most models will last around 10-12 years.

Some of the things you will notice in older systems:

  • Noise on startup of HVAC system
  • Lag time in temperature change
  • Leaking furnace, heat pump or air conditioner
  • Rising monthly energy costs
  • Cannot maintain set temperature

Balancing Repair Costs Vs. Replacement Costs

As the repair costs on older units start to add up, a replacement becomes more enticing. Modern units can be 30-40% more efficient than older models, so if you have spent a decent amount on repairs, a new installation would end up being cheaper than replacing your current unit. Not only do repair costs add up to make this transition worth it, but general maintenance is more expensive over time and the energy costs only increase over the life of the unit. If your energy bill is becoming surprisingly high, consider calling Carolina AC to advise you whether your problem can be solved with maintenance or if a replacement installation is right for you.

Does HVAC Replacement Seem Likely For You?

Carolina Air Conditioning Co. has dealt with these issues not only on our calls, but in our own homes. We understand the price tag that can come along with a major replacement for your HVAC system, but we can also show you why it’s actually cheaper in the long run with modern heating and air equipment. So, if you think it may be the time for you to get a replacement, head to our AC and Heating page to learn more about our replacement and installation services.