Do I Need a Fall Heating System Inspection?
Fall has come to the Raleigh area, which means colder weather will soon be on its way. Before you set your thermostat to heat, however, ask yourself: “has my heating system been inspected?” If the answer is no, it’s time to give Carolina Air Conditioning Co. a call. HVAC systems
Closing Crawlspace Vents this Winter
As colder weather approaches the Raleigh, NC area, certain preparations for homes must be made. Furnaces should be inspected, ceiling fans set to reverse, and windows and door frames caulked and sealed. But how does the crawlspace play into the winter checklist? Crawlspaces are exposed to outdoor conditions, which can
HVAC Life Expectancy – When should I look for replacements?
You most likely haven’t thought much about your HVAC units unless you’ve experienced a freezing cold winter with your system breaking down. Like your car, HVAC units require general maintenance, repair, and eventually, replacement. You don’t wait for your car to run out of gas before you decide to refuel