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Indoor Air Quality Effects

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has been publishing studies on indoor air quality for years to improve our health and options when controlling pollutants inside our homes. It is now known that indoor air quality in the home can be potentially worse than outdoor air quality. Pollutants have the opportunity to build up inside houses, and without proper ventilation, can rise to potentially dangerous levels. This is especially true in newer homes. Today’s building standards produce a much tighter or “air tight” home that reduces outdoor air infiltration. Many new homes today require outside air to be introduced into the home through the HVAC system or through some other type of air exchange device. Carolina Air Conditioning Company is committed to improving air quality in all of our customers homes, so get started by reading this information then call us if you need an indoor air quality evaluation.

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality can be caused by a variety of sources, inside and out the home. Most of these sources can be prevented with proper HVAC maintenance by Carolina Air Conditioning Co. and the rest can be maintained with a proper ventilation system. We have been performing maintenance on these units since the conception of our business in 1947 and have built ourselves into indoor air quality professionals.

  • Fuel-Burning Combustion Appliances
  • Older or Deteriorated Insulation
  • Central Heating, Cooling and Humidification Systems
  • Excessive Moisture Buildup
  • Outdoor Sources, such as Radon and Pesticides

Improving Indoor Air Quality

The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to attack the source of the pollutants. This could mean replacing your insulation or getting air conditioning or heating repairs to improve the efficiency and lower the waste of your HVAC units. Another way to eliminate the source of air toxins is to replace old furnaces or other fuel-burning appliances by installing a new unit. This can reduce monthly costs in your home and reduce carbon monoxide levels, along with other pollutants.

Once the source of the pollutants have been contained as much as possible, there are still be toxins present in the air in any home. This can be from minor leaks from outdoor pollutants ranging to the paint quality inside, which are harder to target. Carolina Air Conditioning Co. can also solve these problems by improving the ventilation system in your home. As long as air is being shifted around and cycled through your home, the toxins will be filtered through your HVAC system. The toxins will be pushed out of the house or caught in filters, to be cleaned out later.

Expert Care With Carolina Air Conditioning Company

Hopefully by going over these issues, we have raised awareness about the concerns with indoor air quality. We all know about car pollution and smog from factories, but hardly any of us think about the quality of the air we breathe inside our own homes. Give us a call at Carolina AC and we will evaluate the risks in your home and provide the best solutions the Raleigh area offers.