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Indoor Air Pollution

As the Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, produces more studies on air pollution, we learn more about how we are exposed to toxins in the air on a daily basis. A lot of these pollutants have laws restricting their production or release into the atmosphere, but some are unavoidable due to the nature of our society. These can be fumes from cars, industrial toxins and pesticides that the EPA has decided are worth the risk to our health for the services they provide – such as quicker transportation in vehicles. Although these sources are to be avoided when you go outside, they can also enter into your home through windows, bad seals, and even a poorly ventilated HVAC system. To prevent polluted air leaking into your home, Carolina Air Conditioning Co. provides ventilation and filtration solutions for our customers to keep them breathing healthy and clean air throughout the year.

Indoor Air Quality

These studies led by the EPA have also shown that indoor air quality can be more detrimental to our health than the outdoor air, even in major cities. Luckily, unlike cars and industrial toxins, we can prevent indoor air pollution from building up and affecting us. A properly functioning ventilation system in your home will circulate air to keep the air fresh and evenly cooled or heated, but it also filters the air in the process and removes toxins. Your HVAC system loses efficiency over time, which can contribute to a higher build-up of pollutants in your home. See our Pollutant Sources page to learn more about what toxins can be in your home and where they come from. To prevent indoor air quality from becoming an issue, Carolina Air Conditioning has been supporting Raleigh and the surrounding areas solutions for almost 70 years. Our Preventative Maintenance provides thorough indoor air quality and carbon monoxide testing, as well as a bundle of other services to keep you comfortable and healthy in your home.

Raleigh Chooses Carolina Air Conditioning

It is important to choose the right heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor when getting any maintenance service performed – especially when it involves your health. Most people spend around 90% of their time indoors, so the quality of the indoor air we breathe most is important. Carolina Air Conditioning understands these problems and has experience providing solutions the first time we come to your home. Visit our Schedule Service page or give us a call to set up your indoor air quality check-up today!